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I’m a professional video game composer & sound designer, based in the UK. My services include:

  • Original Music, Loops & Dynamic Soundtracks
  • Sound Design, Audio Recording, Foley
  • Audio Integration, Mixing & Balancing

Full Service Game Audio

I’m experienced with modern development engines and audio tools. I can provide a complete audio service for your game.

To discuss a project, get a quote, get a free demo or for anything else, please contact me.

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Stock Music for Games

If you need music immediately, my portfolio of stock music is good value, high quality and ready to download right now.

Search and download individual tracks from as little as $3 each from, including a large selection of free game music.

Ultimate Game Music Collection

A huge 3GB library of game stock music, always have music available. Available to download direct, or from asset marketplaces. Find out more about the Ultimate Game Music Collection.

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Recent Sound Design

Western Saloon by Not Lonely.

Recent Music

Remnith, by Chronish Games.

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To talk to me about your project, get a custom demo or for anything else. Email me at or leave me a message using the contact form below.


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About Me

John Leonard French
My childhood was a mix of playing guitar, making music and messing around in video game editors. It probably makes sense that I ended up writing music for games.

Since studying music at Canterbury University I’ve worked on over 30 film and game projects, some of which have won small awards. Recently I’ve created music for mobile titles Tumble WIll, Kung Pow Panda and Eons Lost: Arrival. I’ve also been working on Remnith, a chaotic VR shooter, as well as creating music and sounds for a first person horror game and a stealthy pixel art adventure both of which are still in development. My licensed music is used by developers all over the world, including the hugely popular Survive wilderness survival simulator and the trailer for Ludic Studio’s impressive debut title, The Keeper.

I also occasionally give lectures on game music composition and integration, having delivered a series of classes at Ravensbourne University College in London. In 2016, I was invited back to my former University, to give a talk about getting into the games industry. I live in Norfolk, in the United Kingdom, with my wife, our daughter and a dog.