Sound Design

New: How I created the Western Saloon’s audio.

Game Music

Music & audio for games

I’m a UK video game composer & sound designer, creating high quality music & audio for games.

  • Unique music, dynamic soundtracks & seamless loops
  • Sound effects, foley recording, dialogue & sound design
  • Audio direction, integration, mixing & balancing

Full service game audio

With experience of modern game development engines & audio integrators, I’m offering a professional, full audio service for your project.

For a quote, to discuss a project, arrange a consultation or just have a chat about something, contact me at

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“I’m very happy to have worked with him.”Harold Brenes
Developer - Fragger 2
“You’ve really captured what I’m after here.”Alexander Zable
Developer - Shepz
“You did an outstanding job.”Joel Pena
Developer - Covert Cats

About me

My childhood was a mix of playing guitar, making music and messing around in video game editors. It probably makes sense that I ended up writing music for games.

Since studying music at Canterbury University I’ve worked on over 30 film and game projects, some of which have won small awards. Recently I’ve written music for Fragger 2, the newest instalment in the popular puzzle series and Shepz, a fast paced shape sorting game released on iOS and Android. I’ve also been working on tracks and additional music for several unannounced titles still in development. In February 2016, I was invited back to my former University, to talk about my work and my career so far.

For my music I like to create detailed and interesting soundtracks. Drawing on my film and game experience, I’m able to write in a flexible range of musical styles. I enjoy experimenting with music integration, by generating music randomly in-game and by creating creative music systems.

I live in Norfolk, in the UK, with my wife and a dog.

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