Ultimate Game Music Collection

Professional video game stock music library.

A Complete Game Music Library For Developers.

Over 150 High Quality Tracks, Loops & Musical Cues.

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The Ultimate Game Music Collection
version 1.6 – 2.8GB .zip – 16bit .WAVs

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The Ultimate Game Music Collection is a comprehensive stock music pack created specifically for use in games and interactive media. It’s been designed to help developers easily audition different musical styles in their games, by offering a wide range of music that spans multiple game genres. The Ultimate Collection was made only for games, and includes seamless loops as well as various edits for maximum flexibility. Big enough to accommodate any project, the Ultimate Game Music Collection is the definitive music library for games.

A Huge Collection

With over 3GB of music, there’s something for everyone & music for any project

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Professionally Made

Professionally produced music, creatively composed, using high quality instruments

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Just For Games

Seamless loops, audio that’s optimised for phones & flexible track variations

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Reviews from the Unity Asset Store.
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  • “Great quality and loops perfectly”


  • “Incredible”


  • “This is well worth the money”


  • “Just amazing!”


Highly Recommended

The Ultimate Game Music Collection has gotten great feedback, receiving fantastic reviews and a 5 star rating on the Unity Asset Store.

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Genres Include:

  • Combat Music
  • Casual Game Music
  • Space Music
  • Ambient Music
  • Dungeon Music
  • Fantasy Orchestral Music
  • Themed Location Music
  • Short Cues & Stings
  • Sneaking Music
  • Title & Trailer Music
  • Seasonal Music

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154 Unique Musical Pieces, Over 300 Audio Files
One HUGE Collection (Browse All Tracks)

Combat Tracks
Orchestral & Themed Locations
Space & Ambience
Trailers & Titles
Casual & Seasonal
Short Cues & Stings
Dungeons & Sneaking
Years in the making

Made For Games

Mobile Optimised

Tracks in the Ultimate Collection are optimised & tested for mobile compatibility as part of the mixing process.

Seamless Loops

By fading to the zero crossing point & adding the reverb tail, tracks in the Ultimate Collection loop perfectly.

No Content ID

Using music from the Ultimate Collection in trailers or gameplay videos won’t trigger Content ID warnings.

Where To Buy

The Ultimate Game Music Collection is available for direct download from Bamazoo,
or on the these asset marketplaces.

Support & FAQ

Generally speaking, you can use the music in games, videos, films, trailers and other media. So long as the music is used ‘in sync’ with visual images, e.g. the background music for a game.

The precise terms of your licence depend on the vendor you purchased the package from, which you can check using the following links:

Direct Download (Digital Good Store)
Unity Asset Store
Unreal Marketplace

You cannot redistribute or resell the music itself, either for profit or for free, in any form.

Examples of this include selling the music in other music packs, giving or sub-licensing the music to other people to use in their games or selling the music as an accompanying soundtrack (see soundtracks).

You also can’t submit the music to Content ID services, royalty collection services or any activity that can only be performed by the copyright holder.

If you’re unsure about what your licence permits you to do with the music, please contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

With permission, it is possible to include the music in a soundtrack product, such as an OST or a Crowdfunding reward, however this is not automatically included in the licence you’ve purchased.

Your licence allows you to use the music in a game, but not sell or give away the audio files separately which is what this would be.

If you would like to include in a separate soundtrack product, please contact me with details of the project and intended use.

No, you won’t.

None of the music in the Ultimate Collection has been entered into the Youtube Content ID system, or any other royalty collection service. Such services are usually unsuitable for stock music so you should never get any warnings. In the highly unlikely event that you experience an issue please report it to me

The Ultimate Collection is very large. At 2.5GB it can occassionally cause issues with downloading and importing. It’s not a fault with the asset and can happen with any large asset on the Unity Asset Store.

Visit my support page for instructions on how to solve the issue.

I can make minor changes to the majority of tracks in the Ultimate Collection so long as I still have the original project files. Please contact me if you need a track changed.

Browse All Tracks

Track NameEdits IncludedDurationFeatured OnCategoryVersion
Lighthearted LoopLong Loop, Short Loop01:10Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
Laid Back LoopLoop00:58Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
Harp and Pizz LoopLoop01:55Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
Confused LoopLoop01:04Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
Awkward LoopLong Loop, Short Loop03:55Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
PrettyFull01:13Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Puzzles1.0
Casual Lose Cuesx4 Variations00:06Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Short Cues1.0
Casual Win Cuesx2 Variations00:06Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Short Cues1.0
Fanfare WinFull00:09Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Short Cues1.0
Drum Loopsx3 Variations, x2 LO FI Versions00:14Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Short Cues1.0
Banjo LoopLoop00:20Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Titles (Casual)1.0
Playtime LoopLoop00:44Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Titles (Casual)1.0
Funky BassFull00:31Casual Game Music Pack Vol.1Titles (Casual)1.0
Downhill Chase LoopLoop00:43Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
Platform ActionFull, Loop, x3 Edits, x5 Parts00:50Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
LearningFull, Loop. 48S Loop, 12s Loop01:16Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
SoaringFull With Solo, Loop No Solo, 12s Harp Loop02:12Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
First StepsFull02:07Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
Sneaky LoopFull,01:04Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Platform1.0
LoadingLoop With Melody, Loop Without Melody00:24Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Short Cues1.0
Item Store 1Loop, Loop End00:16Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Short Cues1.0
Item Store 2Full, Short, Loop, Loop Parts00:32Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Short Cues1.0
ScoresFull, Short, Loops, Loop End Hit00:53Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Short Cues1.0
TeddyFull, Short00:58Casual Game Music Pack Vol.2Titles (Casual)1.0
Christmas OvertureFull, x3 Edits x3 Loops, x2 Stings01:23Christmas Music PackSeasonal1.0
Hidden GiftsFull, Short, Loop, Short Loop01:03Christmas Music PackSeasonal1.0
Santas Workshop LoopLoop, Short Loop00:48Christmas Music PackSeasonal1.0
Arid WastelandFull01:14Combat CollectionAmbience1.0
Frantic BattleFull, Loop, Loop End Sting01:40Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Sea BattleFull, Loop, Loop End Stings01:42Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Outlaw BattleFull02:32Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Desperate BattleFull, Loop, Loop End Sting01:26Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Circle of Death LoopLoop00:36Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Close Combat LoopLoop01:04Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Drum BattleFull01:00Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Tribal ChaseFull, Loop, Loop End Sting01:24Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Frantic PursuitFull, Loop, Loop End Sting00:54Combat CollectionCombat1.0
Dark CaveFull01:06Combat CollectionDungeons1.0
Middle Eastern MarketFull, Loop (w/o melody)02:03Combat CollectionLocations1.0
The Bazaar LoopLoop01:42Combat CollectionLocations1.0
Dark Defeatx2 Variations00:07Combat CollectionShort Cues1.0
Dramatic DefeatShort, Long00:35Combat CollectionShort Cues1.0
Horror ScareShort, Long00:22Combat CollectionShort Cues1.0
Triumphant VictoryFull00:05Combat CollectionShort Cues1.0
Tribal Victoryx2 Variations00:06Combat CollectionShort Cues1.0
Lurking LoopLoop, Loop Layers00:48Combat CollectionSneaking1.0
Espionage LoopMoving Loop, Still Loop00:27Combat CollectionSneaking1.0
Hidden Assault LoopLoop01:04Combat CollectionSneaking1.0
Team Assault LoopLoop01:29Combat CollectionSneaking1.0
Brothers in ArmsFull01:15Combat CollectionTitles (Cinematic)1.0
The Combat Collection Main ThemeFull02:57Combat CollectionTitles (Cinematic)1.0
Phoenix RisingFull01:50Combat CollectionTitles (Cinematic)1.0
Solemn TrailerFull00:48Combat CollectionTitles (Cinematic)1.0
Dark Dungeon Action LoopLoop00:51Dungeon LoopsCombat1.0
Ambient DungeonFull, Loop01:02Dungeon LoopsDungeons1.0
Dark Dungeon Ambient LoopLoop00:51Dungeon LoopsDungeons1.0
Pretty Dungeon LoopLoop01:12Dungeon LoopsDungeons1.0
Scary Dungeon LoopLoop01:00Dungeon LoopsDungeons1.0
Boss LoopLoop01:22Enemy MusicCombat1.0
Skeletons LoopLoop00:42Enemy MusicCombat1.0
Chasing LoopLoop00:20Enemy MusicCombat1.0
Chase Game LoopGame Loop, Waiting Loop00:32Exclusive to UGMCPlatform1.0
Chase Get Ready Counts2 Count, 3 Count00:03Exclusive to UGMCPlatform1.0
Point and ClickFull00:37Exclusive to UGMCPuzzles1.0
Chase Win CuesSlow, Quick00:05Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.0
Chase Menu LoopLoop00:21Exclusive to UGMCTitles (Casual)1.0
LifeFull01:38Exclusive to UGMCTitles (Cinematic)1.0
Combat LoopLoop00:46Fantasy CollectionCombat1.0
Epic CombatLoop00:48Fantasy CollectionCombat1.0
Dangerous Dungeon LoopLoop01:20Fantasy CollectionDungeons1.0
Murky Dungeon LoopLoop01:12Fantasy CollectionDungeons1.0
Grand Fantasy CityFull03:17Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Upbeat City LoopLoop01:28Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Solemn City LoopLoop00:59Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Sophisticated CityFull02:26Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Open ExploringFull02:48Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
MeadowFull03:00Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Calm AmbientFull, Minimal Loop01:45Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
Grand IntroductionFull00:59Fantasy CollectionFantasy Orchestral1.0
ChurchFull, Medium Loop, Short Loop02:16Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
Medieval Market LoopLoop01:16Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
Pretty CaveFull01:23Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
Tavern LoopLively Loop, Slow Loop01:44Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
VillageFull01:30Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
EasternFull01:35Fantasy CollectionLocations1.0
Dark AbyssFull01:20Fantasy CollectionTitles (Cinematic)1.0
HalloweenFull, Loop01:30Halloween Music PackSeasonal1.0
Haunted LoopLoop, Short Loop00:45Halloween Music PackSeasonal1.0
Undead LoopLoop With Intro, Loop Without Intro, Loop Intro00:46Halloween Music PackSeasonal1.0
Halloween Stingsx4 Variations00:06Halloween Music PackSeasonal1.0
Spooky Ambient LoopLoop00:32Halloween Music PackSeasonal1.0
RevolutionFull01:55Space LoopsTitles (Cinematic)1.0
Assassins LoopLoop, Loop Percussion Only00:24Enemy MusicCombat1.1
Bandits LoopLoop, Loop Percussion Only00:27Enemy MusicCombat1.1
Big PercussionFull, Loop01:15Enemy MusicCombat1.1
EnemiesFull, Loop, Percussion Extract02:24Enemy MusicCombat1.1
Evading LoopLoop00:29Enemy MusicCombat1.1
Percussion RhythmsClockwork, Ethnic, Kit, Stings, Hits,00:16Enemy MusicShort Cues1.1
Alert FXx2 Alert Stings00:04Enemy MusicShort Cues1.1
Suspense Strings LoopLoop00:14Enemy MusicShort Cues1.1
Deep Space AmbienceFull, Loop03:46Space LoopsSpace1.2
Hangar Escape LoopLoop00:34Space LoopsSpace1.2
Long Range Combat LoopLoop, Short Loop01:48Space LoopsSpace1.2
Lunar AmbienceFull, Loop, Short, Loop, Minimal, Minimal Loop04:27Space LoopsSpace1.2
Orbit LoopLoop01:20Space LoopsSpace1.2
Space Map LoopLoop01:02Space LoopsSpace1.2
Space StationFull, Loop, Slow, Slow Loop02:33Space LoopsSpace1.2
Forest LoopLoop, Loop Parts00:51Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Platform1.3
Jungle LoopLoop01:07Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Platform1.3
Lab LoopLoop01:07Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Platform1.3
Casual LevelLoop01:25Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Puzzles1.3
Marimba WinLong, Medium, Short00:09Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Short Cues1.3
Fanfare World WinFull00:08Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Short Cues1.3
Casual Lose Cuesx3 Variations00:03Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Short Cues1.3
Casual Win Cuesx2 Variations00:05Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Short Cues1.3
Casual MenuGuitar Loop, Piano Loop00:42Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Titles (Casual)1.3
Casual TitleGuitar Loop, Piano Loop00:36Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Titles (Casual)1.3
Horror AmbienceFull, Loop02:06Enemy MusicAmbience1.3
Dark Rumble LoopLoop01:20Enemy MusicAmbience1.3
Death Cuesx6 Variations00:12Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Level Up Cuesx3 Variations00:12Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Mystery Stingsx2 Variations00:12Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Puzzle Stingsx2 Variations00:05Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
New Location Cuesx3 Variations00:24Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Quest Start Cuesx3 Variations00:09Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Quest Complete Cuesx3 Variations00:09Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Scaresx3 Variations00:12Exclusive to UGMCShort Cues1.4
Jungle 2 LoopLoop00:36Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Platform1.5
Barren AmbienceFull, Loop02:52New & ExclusiveAmbience1.5
Desert AmbienceFull, Loop, Empty Loop03:09New & ExclusiveAmbience1.5
Melancholy AmbienceFull01:15New & ExclusiveAmbience1.5
Barren BossFull, Loop, Loop End Sting02:09New & ExclusiveCombat1.5
Barren CombatFull, Loop, Loop Intro, Loop End Sting00:50New & ExclusiveCombat1.5
Combat Percussion LoopAction Loop, Ambient Loop, Intro00:14New & ExclusiveCombat1.5
DangerFull, Loop, Loop (No Horn), Intro, End, Sting01:04New & ExclusiveCombat1.5
Tense Combat LoopLoop00:44New & ExclusiveCombat1.5
Barren Dungeon LoopLoop01:04New & ExclusiveDungeons1.5
Barren SettlementFull02:28New & ExclusiveLocations1.5
Dark Jazz ClubFull00:58New & ExclusiveLocations1.5
Arcane TrailerFull00:42New & ExclusiveTitles (Cinematic)1.5
Frozen LandscapeFull03:15Nordic Landscape (free)Ambience1.5
Nordic LandscapeFull, Ambient Edit03:56Nordic Landscape (free)Fantasy Orchestral1.5
Nordic TitleFull02:04Nordic Landscape (free)Titles (Cinematic)1.5
Western LoopInside Loop, Outside Loop01:42Western Audio & Music (free)Locations1.5
Calm Bright LoopLoop. Loop No Guitar
01:19Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Puzzles1.6
Combo Hitsx7
00:04Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Short Cues1.6
Fantasy TitleFull01:30ExclusiveTitles (Cinematic)1.6
Modern Dark LoopLoop01:49ExclusiveAmbience1.6
Pizz Menu LoopLoop, Basic Loop01:48Casual Game Music Pack Vol.3Puzzles1.6
Planet TitleFull, Loop02:21ExclusiveTitles (Cinematic)1.6
Surface ExplorationLoop02:08ExclusiveAmbience1.6
Surreal Darkness LoopLoop02:43ExclusiveAmbience1.6
Spooky Shooter LoopLoop00:33ExclusiveSeasonal1.6
Ethnic TexturesLoop01:53ExclusiveLocations1.6